Buckeye Chicken Update

No we haven’t tasted one yet. Hopefully my son will help me butcher a few this week.
This breed truly has higher protein requirements than the other breeds we’ve raised. It wasn’t long after they were moved to a lower protein feed that the feather picking started. I have an overabundance of a special sheep grain I had blended that I’d like to use up by feeding to the chickens. This is probably even lower in protein than average laying mash. I looked in my freezer for a solution. I boil  freezer burned meat, cut it up fine and put that and the broth in their feed. I add some melted lard and mix it well. They are gungho for this concoction and the feather picking has stopped. A flake of alfalfa hay provided each day keeps them busy and gives them something to scratch around in. My daughter says these are the prettiest, shiniest chickens we’ve raised.

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