5 Acres & A Dream Is Celebrating With a Giveaway

fireworks300.jpgEnter the giveaway to win a free copy of this book documenting Leigh & Dan Tate’s challenges and triumphs establishing their homestead. This is an actual softcover book complete with photos, diagrams and charts. Young or old, veteran homesteader or homestead dreamer, this book has something of interest for everyone. Take a gander at the table of contents.


Ch. 1    The Dream
Ch. 2    Defining Our Goals
Ch. 3    Setting Priorities
Ch. 4    Developing A Master Plan
Ch. 5    The Establishment Phase
Ch. 6    Food Self-Sufficiency: Feeding Ourselves
Ch. 7    Food Self-Sufficiency: Feeding Our Animals
Ch. 8    Energy Self-Sufficiency
Ch. 9    Water Self-Sufficiency
Ch. 10  Obstacles
Ch. 11  Difficult Things
Ch. 12  Work Smarter Not Harder
Ch. 13  Where Do We Go From Here?
Conclusion: Doing What We Ought

Also Included

Homestead Recipes
Calculating Protein With The Pearson Square
Homegrown Vitamins and Minerals For Goats

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