5 Gardening Giveaways – Hurry!


Heirloom, Non-GMO SEEDS (Ends Jan 15, 2015)

The winner will receive 13 seeds from 13 varieties plus 25 coconut coir pellets.   You must be signed up for the Educational Farming Forum to participate. Please follow the instructions on the linked-to page. Hurry, just a few days left.

2015 Free Seed Giveaway

He is offering sweet banana pepper, Tendersweet carrot, Little Gem Lettuce, Tokyo Long Onion, and Rutger’s tomato. Subscribe to his gardening channel, watch the video & send and an SASE to complete the offer.

2015 Free Seed Giveaway from Love Your Land

Five easy-to-grow varieties (Chadwick cherry tomato, Boston pickling cucumber, Lipstick pepper, basil, and Little Finger carrot) have been supplied by Baker Creek for this giveaway. Karen from Love Your Land will be growing these right along with you for help & support. Subscribe to her channel, watch the video & send an SASE. There are enough seeds for 500 gardeners.

The Third Annual Hot Pepper Giveaway 2015

Different varieties of hot peppers and some that are hard to come by are being given away. Subscribers are entitled to 5 packets of seeds. To participate, subscribe to his channel, watch the video, send a self addressed bubbled envelope, more instructions are in the video.

2015 Gardener’s Special: FREE GROW BOX GIVEAWAY

Enhance your indoor gardening & seed starting with this 4x4x6.5′ grow tent. To enter, subscribe to the Grow Farm channel & comment on this video.



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