Leigh makes some thoughtful observations  in her Mindset: Key to Successful Homesteading? blog post. She makes comparisons of consumer/profit vs agrarian  mindsets. Her observations are summed up in the following paragraph:

“I’m writing this because I have made an interesting observation. It is that despite our different social, cultural, religious, and political backgrounds, homesteaders have one significant thing in common, i.e. the sense that the modern, consumer/profit mindset is flawed. That it’s forgotten things that are important. That it can provide neither true security, nor a sense of individual life purpose.”

Leigh prompted me to think a lot about the differences in these points of view. I think the willingness to sacrifice is an essential component in the differences she outlines. Our consumer driven, instant-gratification oriented culture pushes the virtue of sacrifice aside. I don’t mean to imply that only homesteaders understand sacrifice. I do think that it is more a part of their everyday life.
What do you think?



  1. Hmm. You, in turn, got me thinking. I think the key to sacrifice is self-discipline, something else our culture doesn’t foster. My hope is that the rewards of our agrarian, homesteading lifestyle will eventually become so routine, that we won’t even think about it.

    Your post didn’t have a lot of words, but it certainly has a lot to think about!

  2. Yes, self-discipline is the key. Our fallen human nature causes us to shy away from discipline; it takes an act of the will to do the difficult yet necessary things. It makes it very easy to fall victim to the culture’s pull toward leisure and self-indulgence.
    I hope to return to your blog this week and answer the questions you posed.