A Dog to Help Around the Farm

Have you wondered what it would be like to have help with chores on those blustery days when all you want to do is go back inside the house? Having children to help is a blessing, but once they are grown and gone, the chores must be done single-handed. It might be time to look at Rover with new eyes and figure out how he can help with daily tasks. Working with a farm dog just takes a little experience.

Shane keeping the rams in 600.jpg

Chore Dog
Dogs can be tremendously useful helping with the daily chores. One time saver is not having to close gates and barn doors each time you exit and enter in the course of feeding and watering livestock. If the animals respect your dog, position the dog in the doorway to keep the animals inside the enclosure. That frees you up to dump a load of hay and then go back to bring in the water buckets without having to stop and close and then reopen the door. Respect for the dog is essential, and the dog should not be expected to step into this role immediately. The dog needs to be confident enough to stand his ground and should not be placed in a dangerous situation where he can be trampled. In other words, don’t expect a cocker spaniel to hold back the bull. You will be surprised at how useful this skill can be and how much faster the chores get done. Many breeds and mixed breed dogs can function as farm dogs if handled with patience.

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