A Money & Energy Saving Night Light

Compared to incandescent bulbs, the compact fluorescents draw less juice. They take some getting used to though as the quality of the light they shed is quite different from conventional bulbs. We’ve always left the stove light on as a navigational guide during the nighttime hours. I read somewhere about using LED Christmas lights instead. A string of these lights uses 2.4 watts as opposed to the 13 watt compact fluorescent. They also shed quite a bit of bright light. We saved a couple of dollars on the power bill in the first month of use. Since they were purchased on sale, they should pay for themselves, in savings, pretty quick. 
We didn’t care for the way they looked strung around the kitchen, especially in the daytime. My son hit upon the idea of stuffing them in a glass globe. That was the right solution. It takes just seconds to remove the globe and hide it away in the morning when the lights are unplugged.


A Money & Energy Saving Night Light — 2 Comments

  1. I am disgusted with the curly fry light bulbs. They cost more, they burn out faster than the regular ones, and then I have to drive all the way to Home Depot to dispose of them after storing the burned out ones til I can get there. The last light bulb manufacturer in the US closed. Just makes me sick.
    Can’t wait until we tick off China enough that they cut off the supply of the stuff we the sheeple depend on.