A Much Improved Poultry Fountain

The Harris Farm’s Poultry Drinker
Don’t be fooled and assume this is just another plastic fountain with a screw on base. You know the kind. Everything has to be lined up just right or the whole thing comes apart about ½ way to the chicken yard. Your feet get soaked and you have to go back to the faucet and start again. The base on this improved fountain locks securely in place with tabs. The wire handle on the top makes carrying it easy, even when it is full of water. The handle also makes it possible to suspend the fountain which keeps litter from accumulating in the water trough.
I must admit that, at first, I had trouble with the base on this fountain. The base was stiff and I didn’t realize that I really had to force it over for it to be fully locked. Once I mastered the concept there was no more spilled water. I paid under $7 for it at Tractor Supply Company. At that price, I plan on buying a few more.


A Much Improved Poultry Fountain — 2 Comments

  1. Yes, I kneel on the floor to attach it. There are 3 tabs on the fountain that slide into 3 slots in the base. It takes a little practice to develop a technique.
    I hung it, but it really needed to have the sides stabilized to prevent it from swinging. That meant untying and retying it in 3 places everyday. I finally set it on a thick piece of wood to keep the litter out of the trough.