Adding a Waterproof, Non-Slip Coating to Knit Slippers

Felted wool slippers keep my family’s feet warm during our long cold weather season. Knit or crocheted slippers are treacherous on linoleum floors. Add in the water from rain and melted snow and the danger of falling is greatly increased. Besides, who likes getting wet feet from stepping in the a puddle of melted snow? I was looking for a long-lasting, waterproof substance that would keep my loved ones from slipping on our cold ceramic tile floors. The plastic dip that is used to coat the handles of tools is made to order for this purpose. It costs $8 to $10 and one can will coat about 3 adult-size pairs of slippers.
It is important to apply it in a well-ventilated area.

Things to have on hand:
Paint brush
Naphtha, xylene or toulene to clean the brush after use
Newspapers or paper bags to protect the work surface
Masking tape to create an edge

How to Apply the Plastic Coating

  1. Put the slipper on your foot and determine how far up the sides, toe and heel you want the coating to come. Use the masking tape to outline the area.
  2. Give the product a good stir.
  3. Brush the coating on the slipper soles up to the masking tape.
  4. Find a place outside or in the garage to allow the slipper to dry. You can leave them inside, but be prepared for the fumes and leave a window open.
  5. Let dry for about 30 minutes.
  6. Touch up any missed spots and then re-coat the entire area.
  7. Wait 8 hours before wearing.

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