An Easy Cattle Panel Arch/Grape Arbor

We planted bittersweet against our porch railing back in 2002. It rapidly filled in what was a blank-looking, porch and provides a habitat for small birds. Then it migrated and began growing along the picket fence. I was going to dig it out when my husband stopped me. He wanted to build an archway and have the vine climb it from both sides. It would make a pleasant pass through to access the lower level of the house. What a splendid idea! Sadly, he passed away at the beginning of summer devastating our family.
My children wanted to complete his vision as a tribute to him. They took a 16′ cattle panel and put it against the main plant. Then, they bent it to form an arch and pressed the end against the picket fence, so it is held firmly in place.
This could easily be done even if you don’t have a house and a fence at just the right distance apart to hold the archway in place. Rebar pounded into the ground at intervals will hold the panel arched between them in place. It would make a beautiful entrance or focal point for yard or garden. More than one could be placed side-by-side to form a tunnel covered with trailing vines. We plan on adding several to the garden to use as  grape arbors and to provide shade for a garden bench.


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