Buckeyes are Laying

We were thrilled on Saturday to find the Buckeyes laid their first egg. The chicks were hatched on 9/22/10 and began laying 3/26/11, so at 6 months of age. That egg was followed by more and they are now laying in earnest. The eggs in the picture are Buckeye pullet eggs surrounding an egg from a mature White Rock. I was happily surprised at the size of these first eggs. Since our purpose for having Buckeyes is their dual purpose characteristics, the chick incubator has been retrieved from the barn rafters. We hope this old piece of equipment has at least one more hatch left in it. It needs to be cleaned and tested to make certain it will hold a consistent temperature before we load it with eggs in early April. We have high hopes for this breed fulfilling our need for eggs and meat.



Buckeyes are Laying — 3 Comments

  1. Good luck to you! We hope to allow nature to do her work and just pass on incubators. All we need now is a pen for the hen(s) and rooster!

  2. We will be most pleased if we have a broody hen that will hatch out eggs. We haven’t encountered many from hatchery birds though.
    What kind of chickens will you get?

  3. Excellent size for pullets’ first eggs. Hoping for a broody hen is one of my top chicken passtimes. Of my four breeds, only two are reputed to have brooding potential. Time will tell I suppose.