Cat Litter Pans for Starting Seeds

Litter Pan With Asparagus Seedlings

Seed starting begins in earnest now. For some years we started our seedlings in cell packs, yogurt containers and other repurposed containers. They were hard to manage under the lights on the plant stand because of their various heights. The cell packs were fragile and tore easily. Sturdy trays would serve nicely, but where could they be found?

The dollar store provided an answer to this question. Low profile, plastic cat litter pans are ideal for starting seeds at about $2/pan. If you are flush, you can purchase them in pairs and punch drainage holes in one and use the other as a drip pan. I poked holes in mine with a hot metal skewer that I heated over the gas burner on the stove.

Fill the litter pan with moistened seed starting medium. Cut a grid pattern on the soil surface and plant one seed in each square. Cover with a thin layer of moist soil.
These seed starting trays will last indefinitely and are easy to wash, dry and store.


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