Tips & Tricks Tuesday

Do you love to find a new, easier, more productive way to accomplish a task or get more bang for your buck? I’m a fan of easy, time and money saving tips. Each Tuesday, I’ll share what works for me, for others or something I read in an old Mother Earth News. This is also a feature on the new Farming in My Fifties Facebook page. Feel free to share any tips you have either … Continue reading

How to Dismantle a Pallet & Build a Raised Bed

From bird houses to kitchen cabinets, is there anything you can’t build from pallets?  Just search the word pallet in Pinterest and be stunned by all the creative projects. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve found plenty of uses for them just as they come. We’ve build pig pens, stalls and compost bins. But for some of the projects I want to build, the pallet must first be dismantled. Before we get down to business, this article … Continue reading

The Importance of Seed Selection for Senior Gardeners

Gardening is a lot of work. So, why garden? For me, at least, a garden provides healthy, clean food.  As I grow older, I become more picky about what vegetables will be taking up garden space. Like I said, gardening is a lot of work. I want varieties that grow well in this climate zone and that have superb flavor. But even more important than that is their nutrient profile. I want the most nutrient- dense foods possible. Protecting my health … Continue reading

Extending the Season With a Hula Hoop Row Cover

Extending the gardening season with row covers is a practical way to provide yourself with fresh produce on both ends of the season-early and late. Whether you are itching to get out there and get a jump on the season or wish to put a cover over salad greens to protect them from frost, there are various row covers and low tunnel products available to help do just that. You don’t have to fork over … Continue reading

The Best Gardening Method for Baby Boomers?

Let’s face it; we’re aging. Heavy work and tasks requiring a lot of bending or kneeling are becoming more difficult. Tilling, shovel work, hoeing, and all the bending required throughout the gardening season is heck on the body. Giving up isn’t in the forecast, so what method can we choose that will allow us to keep gardening into our 90s? I’ll tell you right now, I don’t have the answer, just some ideas. I’m a Boomer … Continue reading