From Hershey to Headband

Whether you live on a city lot or a million acres, you can always keep a few rabbits. I raised them for our table when we lived in town. They are quiet and won’t disturb the neighbors. If you choose one of the angora breeds, the luxurious fiber can be made into beautiful and practical garments. Last year we added French Angora rabbits as a complement to our Shetland sheep. One of our bucks is … Continue reading

Sliding into Winter with Warm Fingers and Toes

Each year I search out new patterns for socks & mittens in my quest to find the perfect blend of warmth & easy construction. I’m no frills when it comes to hand work and don’t like to spend time working on intricate patterns. Quick and easy is the first criterion in pattern selection. Next, is yarn weight. Worsted and sometimes bulky is really all I spin. Warm, wool mittens are a must here where winters … Continue reading