Is Whole30 the Perfect Diet for Baby Boomer Farmers?

For those of us “mature” homesteaders, we have reached the point where poor eating habits and lifestyle choices begin to catch up with us. It’s a lot harder to push through fatigue, and joint pain has become significant. We can look around us and see the devastating results of cheap pesticide and chemical laden food. In an effort to preserve my health, I’m ready to make some dietary changes and have been researching the Whole30 … Continue reading

The Importance of Seed Selection for Senior Gardeners

Gardening is a lot of work. So, why garden? For me, at least, a garden provides healthy, clean food.  As I grow older, I become more picky about what vegetables will be taking up garden space. Like I said, gardening is a lot of work. I want varieties that grow well in this climate zone and that have superb flavor. But even more important than that is their nutrient profile. I want the most nutrient- dense foods possible. Protecting my health … Continue reading

Finding Alternatives to Genetically Modified Food: Using Yogurt as a Base

Okay, I’m back from an extended, although, unintended break. Planning the posts in this series has been problematic for me. First, I thought following the progression of breakfast, lunch, dinner made sense. Then, I thought about what areas are the easiest to find alternatives for to give instant success and what areas are the most difficult. I’m now at, for me, a difficult area. Mayonnaise, salad dressings, dips and sandwich spreads from the grocery store are rife … Continue reading

Finding Alternatives to Genetically Modified Food: Seasoning Mixes

Prepackaged seasoning mixes make meals tasty and predictable. I relied on them for years for tacos, stew, stir-fry, burritos etc. Besides having all the flavor enhancers in one flavor sealed envelope, there are instructions and recipes on the back. You can’t go wrong unless you are in the process of eliminating GM food from your diet. They almost all contain some form of corn and soy along with preservatives aplenty and MSG. Cooking from a recipe … Continue reading

Finding Alternatives to Genetically Modified Food: What about Non GMO Corn & Soy?

This is a tough question to answer. There are food companies that make the effort to source non GMO corn and soy for their products. Part of me wants to support their efforts to provide safe food. Another part wonders how long will these non GMO crops remain uncontaminated? Wind and insect pollinators don’t respect organic buffers. Do we know that the ingredients truly are pure? How frequently is analysis done to ascertain that all the soy … Continue reading