The Fodder Fix to Exorbitant Hay Prices

Drought is the biggest enemy to livestock owners. It causes a scarcity of feed & prices rise to the point that farmers cut way back on how many animals they can carry through the winter. We had a bad year in Michigan & decent hay is going for $8/bale. Who can afford that? There is a way to cut your hay consumption in half and feed livestock cheaply.

Fodder is grass grown from oats, wheat, barley or rye seeds. It only takes 7-8 days from seed to maturity & requires no soil to grow. It is easily grown in the house; mine is in my basement. I buy non GMO seeds from a local farmer and pay $8.25/50# of oats & wheat. This will yield about 250# of fodder costing roughly $0.03/pound compared to $0.16/pound for hay at current prices. I can grow enough to feed 6 Shetland ewes, 8 butcher lambs, and a colony of 5 adult rabbits (2 of which are nursing litters) plus 3 fryer bunnies. A bucket of sprouted oats is fed to 15 chickens. We raised 5 pot belly pigs almost exclusively on oat fodder & they taste amazing.

Fodder & oat sprouts ready to feed

Our fodder growing system is simple and requires twice daily maintenance.

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