How to Catch a Chicken Without Chasing

I’ve been asked about this quite often. In fact, someone called just the other day seeking an answer on how to catch a bunch of birds that had escaped the coop and were now roosting in barn rafters. There are numerous reasons to want to catch chickens. Wing clipping, medicating, checking for disease, separating the broodies and butchering are a few I can think of right away. But there are often more peculiar and urgent … Continue reading

Tips & Tricks Tuesday

Do you love to find a new, easier, more productive way to accomplish a task or get more bang for your buck? I’m a fan of easy, time and money saving tips. Each Tuesday, I’ll share what works for me, for others or something I read in an old Mother Earth News. This post also a feature on the Farming in My Fifties Facebook page. Feel free to share any tips you have either place.   … Continue reading

Watering Rabbits and Poultry in Winter the Easy Way

Keeping rabbit water bottles and chicken water fountains thawed in winter is a real headache. I used to have doubles of everything. Early morning would find me making my rounds with filled water bottles and swapping them out for the frozen ones. Same with the chicken fountain. Then the frozen waterers came inside to thaw. Over the summer, I did some reading about water bottles and how rabbits don’t drink as much from them as … Continue reading

Homemade Non GMO Chicken Feed with No Corn or Soy

There is organic feed on the market that uses non-GM corn and soy; it is very expensive. I’m looking for something affordable and easy to obtain and sustain. That means searching for acceptable alternatives to corn and soy that the chickens will eat and that are readily available. This way of feeding chickens will be more labor intensive than opening a bag of feed, but (hopefully) worth the effort. When it comes to protein in … Continue reading