If you have a dairy animal, you know what it’s like to be overwhelmed by milk. Some days it’s hard to stay on top of the supply. Especially, if changing it into another product, like cheese, is going to take much time. As I was looking at all the jars of goat milk in the fridge, I wondered what else I could use it for. Something simple. Something I hadn’t tried, yet. Then it hit me…junket. … Continue reading

Choosing & Preparing Nutrient Dense Vegetables & Fruits

Sorry to depart from Alternatives to GM Food Monday, but this couldn’t wait. Before listening to “Science Friday” on November 29th, I didn’t realize how much food has been altered, even before the advent of genetic modification.(See the Resources section at the end of this post for the link to the interview). The alterations occurred over many years and the unfortunate outcome is food that is depleted of some incredible nutrients. However, the thrust of … Continue reading

Advent/New Year/Resolutions/Challenges

When do you make New Year resolutions, and what do you call them? Are you mostly successful or do you lose resolve somewhere about mid-February? December 1, 2013 is the first Sunday in Advent. Because this is the season we prepare for the coming of Christ, and Advent marks the new liturgical year, it’s the time I make New Year’s resolutions. I prefer to call my resolutions “challenges” because that is how they often feel … Continue reading

Finding Alternatives to Genetically Modified Food: Some Thoughts & a Meal Planning Tool

I realize when I began this weekly feature, I hadn’t made a thorough explanation of the goals. Those of us living on farms have the ability to feed our livestock non GM feed to ensure we have a source of uncontaminated meat & dairy products. This isn’t the case for most people. I don’t know the implications of consuming meat, eggs & milk products from animals on a GM diet. Somehow, I think the cow … Continue reading

Forty Pounds of Fodder/Day in a 3’x5 1/2′ Space

Sprouting grains for livestock has been part of my daily routine since the winter of 2011. I started with what I had on hand which was a large number of litter trays that were used for starting garden seeds. With sprouting success came the desire to offer more pounds of fresh greens to the assortment of animals (sheep, dairy goats, rabbits and chickens) raised here. Carrying so many trays to the water source several times each … Continue reading