Comfrey Give Away _ Give Away is Closed

Back in February I offered free roots to anyone who wanted some. Comfrey can be used as feed for livestock and has a protein level comparable to legumes. It is also grown for medicinal purposes. The comfrey oil I made in the fall is wonderful for relieving arthritis pain.
The ground has thawed and the comfrey is beginning to grow. Since this give away is open to everyone, I’ll need the postage and supplies reimbursed. For $2, you will get enough freshly-dug root piece(s) to start 3 plants. It may be one long root piece that can be cut into 3 smaller root pieces.These roots are from well-established plants. They will be wrapped in a moist paper towel and then in foil and mailed First Class.
It is wise to plant them immediately where you want them to stay permanently. They do grow wider/fuller each year. It is fairly easy to move well-established plants to a new location, but bear in mind that whatever root pieces are left behind during transplanting will start new plants. I’ve moved my plants  three times and now have it growing in three locations. Purdue provides comprehensive info on the uses and cultivation of comfrey.

You can email me at and I will give you my PayPal or mailing address, whichever you prefer.
On a side note, I’ll be adding the leaves from these dug plants to the dehydrator to see if the chickens prefer them dried to fresh.


Comfrey Give Away _ Give Away is Closed — 2 Comments

  1. I am just starting to research herbs and uses. Compfrey is now on my to grow list!

    I am on the barn hop from Homestead Revival. Stop by MY BLOG when you get a chance…… I am having a giveaway!!