CouponChief: Ultimate Savings for Online Shopping

When I was first introduced, my first reaction was, “Oh great, another coupon site, ho hum.” I live in a rural area that does not have chain grocery stores offering double coupons. In fact, our local grocery store doesn’t even honor computer generated coupons. I decided to have a look anyway and was gratified by what I saw. 
CouponChief offers discounts from thousands of retailers, in fact, there are over 50,000 coupons and more than 15,000 retailers. This kid was jumping for joy. Living in a one-stop-light county, we don’t have the shopping choices that folks in more metropolitan areas do. It is a 70 mile round trip to Wal-Mart, Target, Tractor Supply, PetSmart, Penny’s etc. I used to make semi-annual trips with a list so long that it took all day to complete the shopping and it was exhausting. Nothing I looked forward to. I began to shop online, but the shipping costs could be prohibitive if shopping for items from more than one store.
The first thing I noticed when looking through the site was the many offers for free shipping…hurray! Discounts of 30% – 50% are not uncommon. There is even a way to earn money by contributing coupons. I didn’t read that option too closely so don’t know exactly what’s involved. The site is easy to use and has text and video instructions to guide the new user on the proper use of the site.
To see how beneficial CouponChief would be to me, I checked for discounts on things I plan to purchase in the future. I first looked at pet supplies and was disappointed that the two coupons I tried were invalid. Thankfully, this fact was revealed before the transaction was complete so I did not make the purchase. CouponChief asked if the coupon worked and I responded by clicking a red “X”. The offer disappeared. A rain barrel system is a planned addition to our homestead. Whadya know? A rain barrel store has discount coupons for free shipping on selected rain barrels and there is one that will suit us just fine. I was delighted to see that Tractor Supply had discount coupons available, too.
I recommend that anyone who appreciates the convenience of shopping online give a look. Combining convenience and savings is a big win-win. You coupon sleuths can also make money by contributing your finds to the site.
Full Disclosure: I was invited to provide an unbiased review of the CouponChief website. I was compensated for writing this review. This review is strictly my opinion and has not been reviewed or edited by anyone.

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