Eating Local Food Gets Easier

Taste the Local Difference has issued a challenge to spend $10/week on local food. That’s not so hard, and by signing up you get a great bumper sticker stating your conviction. I’m considering anything grown or produced in Michigan to be “local”. This definition fits in well when shopping at Save-A-Lot. So much of the produce they sell is grown in our state. I thank the manager for supporting our state every time I shop. The manager probably thinks I’m a dingbat who doesn’t remember the other times I’ve thanked him. Oh, I remember. I just want him to know it is appreciated.

There was another “gee whiz” moment when I found I can shop at the local farmer’s market online. Kinda like Amazon meets the Farmer’s Market. Farmers place their inventory on the site and customers place their orders and pay online. Orders are picked up on Saturday at the Frankfort Farmer’s Market. The site is called Local Orbit and it serves the Benzie County and Ann Arbor areas of Michigan and Brooklyn, NY with plans to expand to other areas. It is up to you to request the service for your area if you’d like this convenience.


Eating Local Food Gets Easier — 3 Comments

  1. I’m surprised you can get local food at SAL. I prefer Aldi’s because it seems cleaner. That’s neat about the online connection to the farmer’s market. We have a growing market in our area.

    The problem is with me, I get to the store and forget or get frustrated because it seems nothing doesn’t come wrapped in plastic.

  2. We’re just finishing reading “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle” and it’s definitely increased our interest and intent to purchase locally produced food. Since there’s only one farmer’s market running in the winter and it’s a good 30 miles away, we’re relying on our regional farmers market-like grocery store. There’s also a dairy farm down the road that I want to get some milk from and try. I love the idea of this challenge!