Farm Dog Chore: Trail Blazing

Chore time is hard to face when Mother Nature dumps a new load of snow and the North Wind closes all your paths with drifts. There’s an easier way, than shoveling, to make a path to the barn. Leave the shovel behind and grab a Frisbee and your dog. A decent throwing arm is an asset for the next step.

Throw the Frisbee in the direction you wish to head and watch your dog delightedly plow through the snow to fetch it. He has now opened a path for you to follow. Continue in this manner until you reach your destination.
Our dogs know a send command and move off in the direction I point. Where one dog goes, the others follow. Following after three dogs is a piece of cake compared to plowing through on my own. Each time they move off and return, the path becomes more packed and easier to navigate.

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