Finding Alternatives to Genetically Modified Food: Some Thoughts & a Meal Planning Tool

cooking 300.jpgI realize when I began this weekly feature, I hadn’t made a thorough explanation of the goals. Those of us living on farms have the ability to feed our livestock non GM feed to ensure we have a source of uncontaminated meat & dairy products. This isn’t the case for most people. I don’t know the implications of consuming meat, eggs & milk products from animals on a GM diet. Somehow, I think the cow eating the corn & me eating the cow is not as bad for me as me eating the corn. We can only do what we can to safeguard our health and take a stand. Everyone can make changes in their diets reflecting their concerns about eating wholesome food. In other words, I won’t be posting that people should only be eating GM-free meat, eggs & milk. However, if you find sources for these foods, please feel free to share.
This morning I came across a real find; one that I’m bursting to share. First of all, I’m not well organized when it comes to meal planning. My daughter & I struggle with this constantly. There are other things we’d rather do than spend time planning meals & making lists. Consequently, we cave & eat convenient food that is bad for us but tastes good. Any help, that is easy to use, is most welcome.
It’s not that I’ve never seen meal planning sites/software before. It’s just that this is so easy. I can incorporate recipes from anywhere, and the print options allow me to have a hard copies. There are several search parameters in the recipe section that can be used to build a meal plan around specific ingredients. It can even be sorted by store. What I love the most is that once the plan has been made, a shopping list is generated. Hallelujah!
I think this is an efficient way for us to organize & store our non GM recipes in one easy to access place. I even started a “No GMO” group for us. Yes, there are discussion groups within  Plan to Eat so recipes can be exchanged within interest groups. I signed up for the 30 day free trial to give me a few days of using this before the 50% Off  Sale that goes over the Thanksgiving weekend.

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