Finding Alternatives to Genetically Modified Food: Using Yogurt as a Base

Okay, I’m back from an extended, although, unintended break. Planning the posts in this series has been problematic for me. First, I thought following the progression of breakfast, lunch, dinner made sense. Then, I thought about what areas are the easiest to find alternatives for to give instant success and what areas are the most difficult. I’m now at, for me, a difficult area.Yogurt The Most Versatile Food 300.jpg
Mayonnaise, salad dressings, dips and sandwich spreads from the grocery store are rife with GM oils and lots of unpronounceable ingredients. Yet, they are eaten frequently in most households. In searching for alternatives for these popular and oft-used condiments, I found that yogurt can serve as a base for all of them. If you have the time and inclination, you can make healthful, non GMO alternatives.
These aren’t exact recipes and you’ll have to fool around with different combinations until you strike on a winner. I use Greek yogurt for everything and make my own by straining yogurt through butter muslin. Please, write down the measurements of your creations and share them here. We’d like to see what you come up with. Here, then, is a rundown of the many ways yogurt can stand in place of the crummy stuff.


Fruit Dip can be made to taste with yogurt plus any combination of the following:

  • cane sugar – brown or white
  • honey – raw is best
  • vanilla extract
  • lemon zest

Vegetable Dip can be made to taste with yogurt plus any combination of the following:

  • herbs
  • garlic powder
  • salt
  • coarsely ground pepper


These can be assembled as craved if you have yogurt and some simple ingredients on hand:

  • honey
  • seeds such as sunflower, chia, flax
  • nuts
  • vanilla extract
  • fruit – fresh, frozen or canned
  • preserves
  • maple syrup
  • caramel sauce
  • shaved dark chocolate
  • granola combined with berries and yogurt for a simple parfait


Mix up yogurt with your choice of spices for chicken and lamb. The enzymes in the yogurt tenderize the meat.

Mayonnaise Substitute

Yogurt can stand in for mayo in dips, cole slaw, tarter sauce, chicken salad, egg salad, tuna salad.

Salad Dressings

Yogurt plus combinations of the following will yield a tasty dressing with a little practice:

  • balsamic vinegar
  • garlic
  • herbs
  • lemon juice
  • honey
  • mustard
  • garlic
  • salt
  • pepper

I made an easy honey mustard salad dressing that even my son, the restaurant cook, said tasted good. There was nothing to it just yogurt, honey & mustard.

Sandwich Spreads

Combine yogurt with your choice of whatever floats your boat. This simple Basil Yogurt Sandwich Spread is a good starting point and might please everyone in your family.


A simple sauce for chicken, lamb, shrimp or fish can be made by combining yogurt with:

  • horseradish
  • lemon juice
  • pepper
  • salt

Tzatziki Sauce is a must for lamb sandwiches and is a fine complement to salmon, grilled meat, vegetables and more.
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