Fodder Solutions Global Premiere Video

There is much helpful information in this video of an international Fodder Solutions conference. This is my third season sprouting grain for my sheep, rabbits, dairy goats and poultry and there is always something to learn. I’ve always sprouted livestock grain and have encountered problems with inconsistent germination, trash in the grain and mold. Through tweaking soaking and watering methods I’ve managed to overcome these obstacles yet wondered if I was getting peak production.

pigs 600.jpg Watching this video sold me on the idea of using untreated, certified barley seed. The germination rate is guaranteed and the seed is clean. I was so impressed with what I heard about using seed as opposed to feed that I located a source for certified barley. Yes, it is almost double what I pay for feed-grade wheat, but I hope that the results are worth it. The fact is, I started with barley and it was easy to grow and all my animals preferred it to wheat or rye. It is, however, hard to find.
The second thing that really got my attention was the use of effective microorganisms (EMs) to increase growth and conquer mold. I’m familiar with EMs through reading about them years ago, but have no actual experience. Although the fodder is growing well with no mold, that can all change rapidly when spring with it’s warmer weather arrives. I’m excited about experimenting with this during the winter so I’m all set to make a smooth transition into spring and summer. There are also many other uses for EMs, especially around the farm.
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Fodder Solutions Global Premiere Video — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you for this and also for your list of related links. With the discovery that the alfalfa pellets I used to get now contain GMO alfalfa, I’ve been in a real dilemma as to how to feed my goats from no on. I’ve had sprouting grain on the list for a long while but need to get my butt in gear and try it. Sadly, the only non-GMO grain available locally seems to be oats. Would love to feed barley, but can’t justify paying shipping regularly.

  2. I started with barley and then could no longer get it. I’ve used wheat, rye and oats, but I really wanted barley. Then I happened upon a list of seed dealers in MI. The dealer in the next county was able to order me a pallet of certified (for germination and variety) barley seed. It is wonderfully clean. You might check that as a resource. There is a webinar on Monday. I’ll post the info tomorrow. You might want to tune in.