Free Animal Bedding

shredded paper 600.jpg
We try to economize in every area, no matter how incidental. There are times when we go through a lot of bedding, especially when raising chicks. We get bags of shredded paper free from our local hospital. I’m sure there are other institutions that shred paper and would love to have someone pick it up. Those bags take up a lot of room in the dumpster. The hospital personnel would rather see the paper put to use rather than adding to the landfill. We use it for bedding for all our animals, to soak up water in muddy pens and for garden mulch. It breaks down quite fast.

Maybe you don’t have access to such a windfall. That’s okay. Scout the resale shops for a paper shredder, if you don’t own one already. Save your friends and neighbors a trip to the recycling bins by picking up their newspapers and other waste paper.



Free Animal Bedding — 3 Comments

  1. I just found a small home paper shredder at our local thrift store. I had just added it to my “want” list so I was very excited. It had a price of $8 on it and I checked and it worked. Then, I bought a pair of shoes, a knife, two sweaters for hubby to wear to work, and a scent pot and got it all for $10. Woo hoo!

    I plan to shred my junk mail for nest material and chick bedding, maybe eventually the bedding for the whole chicken house. Then it will go into the compost pile.

  2. Hey, take me with you next time you go to the thrift store:) What a lot of good stuff for $10. Thanks for the tip on the paper shredder. I hadn’t thought of having one myself. With my own shredder I could eliminate the paper recycling bin and have bedding. I will follow your lead and haunt my local thrift stores for one. Thanks!