Frugal Friday – Homemade Clothes Dryer

When our dryer gave up the ghost a couple of years ago, we decided not to replace it. We were astonished at how much our gas bill dropped. My husband built a wonderfully sturdy, four-line clothes pole. It sees a lot of service from spring through fall. Once the snow starts and on rainy days, we have to make other arrangements.The little novelty in the picture is our answer to drying clothes in a hurry. It isn’t as fast as our gas dryer was but is much faster than air drying. To avoid running up the electric bill, we only use the fan when drying time is critical.
The fan is resting across the bottom bars of the drying rack. Clothes are hung on the rack and the fan is turned on. Monitoring the drying rack and turning the clothes over will further reduce drying time. A much bigger drying rack could be used, and is one of our next purchases. We may have to modify how the fan is situated beneath the clothes. The fan can’t be laid on a solid surface like the floor. It needs to draw air from underneath to work properly. Perhaps four plastic flower pots, one at each corner, will keep the fan stable and raise it high enough for suitable air flow.
The utility closet is behind the louvered doors next to the “dryer”. That is the warmest spot in the house. My husband, who was very tall, hung his clothes from the ceiling of the utility closet and referred to it as the “quick-dry room”.  We shorter family members can’t reach as high as he, so we will install a closet pole above and in front of  the boiler and boiler mate. A larger drying rack and the use of the utility closet will give us enough space to dry a couple of loads of laundry at a time.


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  1. Just found your blog. Really interesting. I live in England. It is common to have shelved out airing cupboards in closets with the hot water tank. I don’t have one. Throughout this winter I have been using a clothes rack in my bedroom, which is the only room in the house I am heating at this time. I stay warm and the clothes dry at the same time.