Frugal Friday: How to Apply Eye Drops

That seems like a strange title for a frugal tip. Who doesn’t know how to put eye drops in their eyes? What’s so frugal about learning how? Well, those teeny tiny bottles of eye lubricant for dry eye are mighty expensive. I really thought there was a mistake when I read the price. No way that little bottle cost $12! Oh, yes way, that is what it will cost ya to experience relief.
I blasted through the first bottle. How many times a day was it safe to be using these drops? I was at about 6/day. I decided to get the next bottle at the pharmacy rather than the grocery store. The pharmacist wanted to know if I was putting the eye drops in the outside corner of my eye. Um, as a matter of fact, the inside corner was where I was putting them. That’s a big waste because it comes back out of your eye and runs down your face. She showed me how to pull the lower lid down, near the outside corner. This forms a little pocket to put the drop in…so simple. Armed with this new knowledge, I find I use much less of an expensive product. Here is a tutorial that better explains it.

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