Frugal Household Tips that Will Put More Money in Your Pocket


Time to tighten our belts to compensate for increased winter time spending. There are many ways to reduce household expenses, although it does require dedication and a little extra work. A great deal of money can be saved without the family cutting back to the bone and feeling deprived. There are two main areas where money can be saved: the food budget and household expenses. Putting a few frugal household tips into practice will reduce the amount of money being spent on bills.

Cable and satellite television is an expensive form of recreation. There are many similar programs available over the Internet in the form of streaming videos. Newer model televisions and computers can be linked together, so the Internet program can be viewed on the TV’s larger screen. Using the Internet in this way eliminates the television portion of the cable bill. This only works with high-speed connections.

Energy consumption is another place to save. Dial back on the water heater temperature to 120 degrees farenheit. That temperature is sufficient for bathing and dishwashing. Change laundry habits from washing in hot and/or warm water to washing in cold. For best results, use a detergent designed for cold-water washing. Keep the thermostat set at 68 degrees farenheit in the winter and dial the heat down when nobody is home and at bedtime.

The garbage bill is usually one of the smallest bills, yet there still may be room for improvement. If the household size has changed, so has the amount of garbage. Many garbage services have different plans available. It may mean moving from the portable dumpster option to bags that are bought individually, but some money can usually be shaved from this bill. Recycling paper, plastic, metal and glass will reduce the amount of garbage thereby reducing the fee.


When bills are paid monthly, there is usually an additional fee attached each month. Paying the premium annually eliminates those fees, and there may be an additional discount available for paying in this manner. Evaluate all polices every year to see if there are extra benefits that are no longer needed. Raising the deductible can significantly reduce the premium. Shop around for the best deals on comparable coverage.


Most communities have a freecycle Internet group. One of the main purposes of these groups is to reduce landfill waste. People place free ads for things they are giving away or things that they want. This is an excellent way to obtain needed items free of charge. It is the first and the best place to check and see if someone is giving away a needed item.

Home Organization

Having a well-organized home will cut down on unnecessary purchases. An inventory list or well-organized cupboards will show, at a glance, what items are on hand. It is frustrating and expensive to buy batteries for the digital camera because the batteries purchased last week cannot be located. Having a designated place for everything eliminates this wasteful spending.

Finding ways to save money is like searching for buried treasure. There are many frugal household tips to be uncovered by the diligent seeker. What creative ways have you found to trim dollars and cents from the monthly budget?

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