Frugal Tuesday Tip – How to Save on the Garbage Bill

Anyone with premium garbage service can save a lot by making a few changes. We had service that averaged about $36/month. Included in the package was a garbage bin that could be rolled to the street. The garbage was always my husband’s domain and I was very uninvolved. One day I realized how little the bin was being used for its intended purpose. I decided to test how much service we really needed. By challenging ourselves to see how little we could throw away, we found that we can only fill about 2 garbage bags/month. Switching from premium service to paying by the bag, we reduced our bill from $36/month to $6/month. This is what we do now.
1. Recycle everything possible.
2. All table scraps go to the chickens, dogs or pigs.
3. Any food waste that isn’t designated for animals goes in the compost pile.
4. Pay attention to packaging when shopping and try to buy items in recyclable containers.
5. Wash any packaging that has held food before putting in the trash.
5. Break things like Styrofoam meat trays into little pieces and cram as much as possible in a bag.
Because there is no food in the trash and packaging has been washed, there is no odor and we can accumulate trash for a couple of weeks without a problem. This is important because it takes us about 2 weeks to fill a garbage bag.


Frugal Tuesday Tip – How to Save on the Garbage Bill — 5 Comments

  1. We recycle like crazy (in spite of my family members’ efforts to sabotage me). I am astonished at the amount of plastic and metal we generate in a week. I know I could have less trash if I canned more things myself. But between the amount we can take to the recycle bin and what else goes out to the compost pile/chicken buffet, we don’t have too much to set out for pickup. Unfortunately our trash service won’t agree to just pick up half time for half price. I will still need them for stuff I’m dejunking especially since I still have older children living here.

  2. We used to pay $20 a month towards a shared dumpster that was only emptied every two months. By doing what you mentioned in your post, we now only go to the dump about every 8 months, (I’d love to manage a year, but don’t think I can do that, as the recycleables would be mounded up to the moon) and we only spend about $10 including gas.