How to Catch a Chicken Without Chasing

First taste of superwormsI’ve been asked about this quite often. In fact, someone called just the other day seeking an answer on how to catch a bunch of birds that had escaped the coop and were now roosting in barn rafters.

There are numerous reasons to want to catch chickens. Wing clipping, medicating, checking for disease, separating the broodies and butchering are a few I can think of right away. But there are often more peculiar and urgent reasons to snag your poultry. Running after and capturing chickens is an art form better practiced and achieved by the younger crowd. I had my fill long ago.

The easiest method is to wait until they go to bed for the night. Sleeping chickens are nearly catatonic & easy to scoop off a roost as long as you keep the light dim. Too bright a light will wake them all up, and you will wind up chasing chickens, which you don’t want to do. If your chickens roost in the barn rafters or you have tree roosting bantams, this method isn’t easily employed. I’ll take my chances chasing them around in the daylight before I’ll attempt climbing trees or inching my way along rafters.

If catching at night isn’t an option, that’s okay. I came across this little gem in an old Farm Journal magazine just the other day.

Chickens how to catch.jpg

How do you manage the poultry roundup?

What can be repurposed to make this cage?

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How to Catch a Chicken Without Chasing — 2 Comments

  1. Alternatively, but less happily, they get stranded in snow over a few inches deep very easily and will die if left, at least mine do. So then it is really easy to get them! Before they die preferably!!

    • I agree, they are easy to catch when floundering in the snow. Unless, that is, I’m floundering also:)