How to Dry Wet Fleeces on a Cattle Panel Hoop


We had an extended wet spell the week the sheep shearer was due to make his circuit. I thought I put the sheep in the barn in plenty of time for their fleeces to be dry before he came. Some sheep were damp and a couple were quite wet. There was no place to spread the fleeces to dry so they had to be bagged up. Fortunately, the next day was bright, sunny and still. The fleeces couldn’t be laid on the ground because it was still saturated. As I looked around for a suitable spot to spread them out, my eyes fell on the little hoop house. It would provide the perfect surface to dry that wet wool, off the ground and with air circulating on both sides of the fleece. The two-panel hoop was able to hold four fleeces on the hoop itself and one each on the end doors. They were dry by the end of the day.
You don’t have to have a hoop already built for this to work. An arch can be made by pounding rebar in the ground and the livestock panel pushed against it until it forms an arch. More rebar in pounded in to hold it in place. Two people working together make this a quick and easy task.

How do you dry wet wool?

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