How to Set Manageable Goals

Setting manageable goals is a skill that is easy to learn. We all have the best intentions at the start of a new year and often get carried away with all we’d like to accomplish. Setting goals that are too broad makes them difficult to achieve. However, a broad goal broken down into smaller steps makes each step a goal in itself. Maybe you’d  like to pare some money from the food bill. If you try to implement coupon clipping, stockpiling, meal planning, using leftovers and scratch cooking all at once, it might be frustrating and time consuming. If the project is unmanageable, it is doomed to failure. Instead, choose just one of these to focus on.
If you throw food away each week, reducing wasted food could be your focus. There are two ways to accomplish this. You can cook only enough for each meal or freeze the leftovers to be used on a day when you are short on time. If you don’t usually eat an entire loaf of bread in a week, repackage half of it and put in the freezer. Apply this no-waste principle to all food and dollars will be trimmed from the grocery bill. When this goal is consistently being met, choose another to work into your routine. By setting a time frame for each small goal to be accomplished, you will be able to determine when the larger goal will be met. Good luck with all your 2011 resolutions.

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