How Two Ladies Fixed Their Refrigerator Themselves

Our refrigerator was becoming unpredictable. It seemed that the automatic defrost was not shutting off thereby making the whole unit too warm. Of course, we called a repairman who had to come from another city to our rural area. A large trip charge was added to the bill. He could not tell what was wrong & left a monitor in it for a week. Murphy’s Law says that the fridge would not act up during this week. Old Murphy was correct. Now we had a big bill & still no fridge.
It seemed, from picking the repairman’s brain & doing some reading, that it might be the motherboard. This is a $200 part according to the repairman and not to be entered into lightly. So, we substituted with  coolers and 2 liter soda bottles that we filled with water & then froze in our freezer. That worked remarkably well & we managed for six months with this method. The biggest hassle was changing out the bottles and no longer having things like mayo. The prospect of a $300 repair bill offset the inconvenience. to the rescue! We did a little checking & realized that we could ave about $100 by ordering the control board through Amazon. But we weren’t confident in our ability to change it out ourselves. Enter a PartSelect youtube tutorial  that walked us through the whole process. We Came, We Saw, We Conquered! Good to know that PartSelect has over 600 videos. I took a quick look & noticed repair videos for washers, dryers & refrigerators. Next time something breaks, I know the direction to head.
I have learned how to do so many things through info on the Internet & especially youtube. What we saved on the fridge repair will fund what we spend for Internet service for some months.

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