The Importance of Seed Selection for Senior Gardeners

vegetables 300.jpgGardening is a lot of work. So, why garden? For me, at least, a garden provides healthy, clean food.  As I grow older, I become more picky about what vegetables will be taking up garden space. Like I said, gardening is a lot of work. I want varieties that grow well in this climate zone and that have superb flavor. But even more important than that is their nutrient profile. I want the most nutrient- dense foods possible. Protecting my health with proper nutrition is more important to me now that I’m older and more susceptible to illness and disease.

I don’t want to grow wimpy vegetables. Since I’m going to be laboring to bring forth a vegetable bounty, I want those vegetables to be nutrient and disease-fighting powerhouses. It takes the same amount of time and energy to grow insipid food as it does to grow the most healthful. What are these super varieties and how do you find them?

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I was blessed to hear author Jo Robinson interviewed about her book, “Eating on the Wild Side:The Missing Link to Optimum Health”. According to Ms. Robinson, we have selected fruits and vegetables that are high in sugar and starch but low in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. We have traveled far from the healthy wild plants that composed man’s original diet. The focus of her book is how to select fruits and vegetables with the most nutrition and disease-fighting phytonutrients, vegetables that are closer to their wild kin. She details proper storage and preparation to preserve and even enhance their important qualities. The best thing about the book, for the gardener, is the lists of the varieties of fruits and vegetables that are the most nutritious. There is quite a seed selection. I was able to compose my entire seed order with the varieties she recommends and find at least one variety of each vegetable I want to grow this year.

God willing, this year’s garden will the most healthful I’ve grown.

How do you select varieties for your garden?

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