Is Whole30 the Perfect Diet for Baby Boomer Farmers?

dinner.jpg 2For those of us “mature” homesteaders, we have reached the point where poor eating habits and lifestyle choices begin to catch up with us. It’s a lot harder to push through fatigue, and joint pain has become significant. We can look around us and see the devastating results of cheap pesticide and chemical laden food.

In an effort to preserve my health, I’m ready to make some dietary changes and have been researching the Whole30 diet. I was drawn to this program by the idea that staying on the diet for the entire 30 days promotes healing, stabilizes blood sugar and can change my relationship with food. It appears to be a complete diet, and I hope to stay on it forever. But first, I have to make it through the whole 30 days.

What’s not allowed? Dairy – yes, all of it, no milk/milk products. No grains, sugar, honey, maple syrup, sugar substitutes or processed foods. No bacon…oh NO! No legumes (including peanuts), but green beans, sugar snaps and snow peas are fine. Probably, any bean where you consume the pod with it is fine. Alcohol, even in cooking, is disallowed.  Meat, fish, poultry, vegetables (except legumes) and fruit all get a thumbs up.

There is no way I can provide myself with everything I currently eat. Upon reviewing the allowed foods on the Whole30, I realized that, perhaps, I can raise most of what’s on this diet. It’s a very simple diet, really. I don’t have to milk cows/goats or grow grain. Nor do I have to tap trees or keep bees. Oils and some seasonings would have to come from outside. All in all, it’s a lot less overwhelming to think I can raise all my food if my diet only includes meat/fish/eggs, vegetable and fruit.

My start date for the diet is February 1. I’m eliminating some food over the next few weeks to make the transition easier. I’ll be tracking spending and the food eaten. From there, I hope to come up with a plan to see how much of it I can raise.

What do you think? Is this the perfect, easy to implement, easy to raise diet for boomer homesteaders?

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