Lard Based Skin Cream – Eeew or Ahhh?

After watching “Victorian Farm”, I was all about making the lard skin concoction. The simple ingredients were in my pantry, so I gave it a go. She had rosewater to add to hers. I didn’t, so that ingredient was omitted. I am thinking some peppermint oil would be a nice addition, though.

Skin Cream Ingredients
Egg Yolk

There were no proportions given in the film. I just started adding things and whisking them together until I hit upon the texture I liked. At first there was too much honey and it made my hands tacky. I added more lard to balance it. I also added some dried calendula flowers. I should have chopped them fine before adding.
This stuff is greasy and makes the skin pretty shiny when first applied. It does soak in and does an amazing job of moisturizing. It also acts as a barrier against water. Pretty good stuff to put on before doing a chore like washing out water buckets. If your hands are rough and dry, this bedtime ritual will help. Put this cream or Bag Balm your hands. Cover your hands with socks to keep the stuff on your hands rather than your bedding. My husband used to do this with Bag Balm to heal the splits in his hands that he got from working outside in freezing weather.
What do you use to help preserve your skin from the rigors of farm life and household chores?


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