Living the Country Life Radio

The drab days of winter seem to last forever. Here is a little something to brighten these dark days. Living the Country Life has an internet radio station that features interviews on topics close to any rural dweller’s heart. John Deere fans will be especially fueled about the many tractor maintenance tips. Some recent broadcasts have dealt with selecting a breed of sheep, developing a forage plan, cattle parasite control, chimney safety and coyotes. A QuickTime player is all that is needed to listen and re-listen to the programming. The site also has many worthy print articles geared toward the country living. Get yourself a snack, make yourself comfortable and spend an enjoyable hour or two listening and reading about your favorite subjects.


Living the Country Life Radio — 3 Comments

  1. Well, I thought I had left a comment on one of your posts the other day but I can’t find it so apparently not! I had wanted to let you know that I am indeed one of your newest followers. For some reason though, Blogger won’t put my logo photo and name up as a follower, only the blank head. I went to blogger help to see what could be done about it, but apparently quite a few folks are having trouble with this and no one seems to have an answer! Very frustrating. Anyway, I’m enjoying your blog.

  2. Welcome Leigh. Blogger fixed the problem with your post. Sadly, you and another follower are still blank heads.
    I was very happy to stumble across your blog. We have the same goals:)

  3. Yes we do. And I’m in my 50s too, so I appreciate your goal to farm until your in your 80s, and what you’re doing to accomplish that goal!