Local Meal: What’s On the Menu

The Pork Chops and Scalloped Potato Bake recipe from Cooks.com looks like a tasty one and doesn’t use any exotic ingredients. I was looking first for meals that would capitalize on making use of the food we grow on our small farm. Secondly, it was important that any main ingredients we don’t produce would be grown/produced in Michigan. The recipe calls for pork chops and chicken broth. These are easy for us because we raise pigs and chickens.We already have Michigan potatoes and onions on hand. The milk is from our local Cream Cup Dairy. I don’t have any of our parsley left so I will skip that ingredient. I’m going to cheat and use Spartan butter for which no origin is noted on the packaging. The recipe also calls for oil, flour, salt and pepper that aren’t available locally. There will almost always be some necessary ingredients that aren’t produced here. We have a jar of pickled beets from a friend’s garden and frozen broccoli from our own. Maybe some baked Michigan apples for dessert…yum.

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