My Favorite Breakfast

Greens,egg,bacon.jpg This is so simple. When I’m making one serving, I take my small skillet and add 2 slices of bacon, each cut in half. The pan is placed on a burner set to low. I run out and feed the sheep. The bacon is almost done upon my return. When the it is done, I remove it and add enough frozen mustard, collard, turnip or spinach greens to cover the bottom of the pan. An egg is cracked on top. The pan is covered and the heat is still at low. If I think I won’t be distracted and I can be quick like a bunny, I run out and feed the rabbits. Otherwise, I do a few kitchen tasks. Part way through the cooking I baste the egg with a little water and recover the pan. When the egg is cooked to perfection, it is all removed to a plate and the feast begins.


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