National English Shepherd Rescue Has a Couple of Good-Looking Pups

I don’t know if these pups are purebred. They were surrendered with their English Shepherd mother to a shelter in Jay County, Ohio. The mother and other pups have moved on to new homes and these two pups remain. They are being fostered in PA. They are 9 or 10 weeks old in these videos and show a lot of instinct and that they are biddable. They act like my purebred English Shepherds did as pups. These pups should not be left unsupervised with livestock while they are this young. The pup could get hurt. Being left alone with poultry could end in disaster if the pup gets to playing with the birds. It’s best to take them along on daily chores, encourage appropriate behavior, discourage wrong responses and keep the pup safe. When they know the rules well and are past the “teenage” phase, they should be fine on their own with stock. My ES keeps the bad rooster from getting me and gently nudges the hens away from the door so I can exit the building. He keeps the sheep off me at feeding time and puts them in the pen at the end of the day. He rounds up escaped hogs and puts them back in the pen. In my estimation English Shepherds make perfect chore dogs.
Videos of the pups with goats can be watched by clicking on their names.



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