Extending the Season With a Hula Hoop Row Cover

Extending the gardening season with row covers is a practical way to provide yourself with fresh produce on both ends of the season-early and late. Whether you are itching to get out there and get a jump on the season or wish to put a cover over salad greens to protect them from frost, there are various row covers and low tunnel products available to help do just that. You don’t have to fork over … Continue reading

The Best Gardening Method for Baby Boomers?

Let’s face it; we’re aging. Heavy work and tasks requiring a lot of bending or kneeling are becoming more difficult. Tilling, shovel work, hoeing, and all the bending required throughout the gardening season is heck on the body. Giving up isn’t in the forecast, so what method can we choose that will allow us to keep gardening into our 90s? I’ll tell you right now, I don’t have the answer, just some ideas. I’m a Boomer … Continue reading

Watering Rabbits and Poultry in Winter the Easy Way

Keeping rabbit water bottles and chicken water fountains thawed in winter is a real headache. I used to have doubles of everything. Early morning would find me making my rounds with filled water bottles and swapping them out for the frozen ones. Same with the chicken fountain. Then the frozen waterers came inside to thaw. Over the summer, I did some reading about water bottles and how rabbits don’t drink as much from them as … Continue reading

Smart Walking to Save Energy & Time

Before getting to the gist of smart walking, I want to thank the farmers at From the Country Farm for the use of the photo demonstrating Farm Family Walking. While not really Smart Walking, it certainly is a novel way to get a little exercise on a snowy winter day. Pay them a visit; they have a lot going on. Now, to the subject at hand. In my quest to save the Big Four (time, labor, money, … Continue reading

3 Reasons to Winter Sow Your Seeds

Never heard of the winter sowing method? Here is the USDA’s definition: “A propagation method used throughout the winter where temperate climate seeds are sown into protective vented containers and placed outdoors to foster a naturally timed, high percentage germination of climate tolerant seedlings.” While having “naturally timed, high percentage germination of climate tolerant seedlings” is pretty special, it isn’t one of our reasons to love this propagation technique. Winter sowing is the trifecta of … Continue reading