Planting Garlic Behind the Chicken Tractor

The laying hens have been moved back and forth all summer over this bed. The three hens succeeded in removing all the vegetation, making my job easy. The bed is wide enough to have a narrow footpath down the middle. I loosened the front part of the bed with a turning fork and raked it smooth. My husband made the garlic dibble that is lying on the bed. This handy tool is one of my favorites It is easy to push into the soil and makes 12 holes that have the correct depth and spacing. I still have to crawl around to stick the cloves in the holes and cover them with soil, but the dibble eliminated a lot of work.
Early next week Chet’s Red Italian garlic will be planted in this spot. This bed will hold enough to provide all our garlic for cooking, and seed for the next season’s crop. It is a soft neck variety that does well in Northern Michigan and is so easy to braid.

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