Saving Big on Coffee

We’ve tried different strategies to save money on our favorite morning beverage. It usually means being willing to switch to whichever brand is on sale. We tried the off-brand and it was met with resistance. Some people are amazing shoppers and can manage to get 10 cans of coffee for $1.00 by combining coupons with sales on double coupon days. Sadly, I’m not adept at using these strategies and admit to not being good at searching for coupons. Our rural grocery store won’t double the value like stores in bigger areas will. We have no Aldis or Costco. If you have not mastered the whole coupon scene or live in an area of few store choices, read on.
Last week, I noticed something new. On the bottom shelf of the coffee aisle, there was a silver foil bag labeled Restaurant Blend. It contained more ounces for less $ than our usual brand. It was worth a try. I took it home and poured it into a plastic Maxwell House canister that hadn’t made it to the recycle bin. The taste test proved that this coffee was a great deal stronger than what we were used to. Now we use 1/2 the amount of coffee to water. Instead of the usual 6 scoops for 6 cups, we use 3 scoops for 6 cups. Savings on top of savings, and we all like the taste.


Saving Big on Coffee — 2 Comments

  1. I did this with some Starbucks coffee I received. It is SO STRONG so I just used about half the amount it called for! Lasted a really long time!