Free Comfrey Roots – Giveaway is Closed

For those of you who follow the Farming In My Fifties blog this is a repeat offer. Back in the fall, I posted about making Comfrey Oil and offered comfrey root to anyone who wished to start their own comfrey. Now that spring has arrived…well, almost, it’s snowing here, I’d like to renew the offer for anyone in a planting mood.
Since this give away is open to everyone, I’ll need the postage and supplies reimbursed. For $2, you will get enough freshly-dug root piece(s) to start 3 plants. It may be one long root piece that can be cut into 3 smaller root pieces.These roots are from well-established plants. They will be wrapped in a moist paper towel and then in foil and mailed First Class. You can email me at and I will give you my PayPal or mailing address, whichever you prefer.

It is wise to plant the roots immediately where you want them to stay permanently. They do grow wider/fuller each year. It is fairly easy to move well-established plants to a new location, but bear in mind that whatever root pieces are left behind during transplanting will start new plants. I’ve moved my plants  three times and now have it growing in three locations. Purdue provides comprehensive info on the uses and cultivation of comfrey.
Besides medicinal purposes, comfrey has about the same amount of protein as legumes and can be used as a livestock feed. It is perennial and the number plants can easily be increased by crown divisions or root cuttings. You could wind up with enough comfrey to put a dent in your feed bill, for free.

Comfrey Oil

Comfrey oil is reputed to be an effective treatment for insect bites, burns, lacerations, rashes, psoriasis, eczema,  swelling, bruises, sprains, and arthritis A quick check on the Internet reveals that it is pretty expensive. Getting some relief from arthritis pain would surely be welcome. I have lots of comfrey…everywhere. Before the frost gets it, I decided to try my luck at making my own oil.
Leaves were gathered, chopped and added to a quart of naturally pressed, extra virgin olive oil purchased at Sav-A-Lot for $8. I guess tomorrow I will dig up some of the comfrey roots to add to the leaves for added potency.

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Grow and Harvest Your Own Arthritis Remedies

There are a couple of easy to grow plants that are reputed to relieve arthritis pain. I’m up for that! The first, rose hips, can be found in most people’s yards. Hips are the fruits that follow the rose flower and contain seeds for future bushes. If you didn’t go crazy with the pruning shears, you should have some about ready to harvest. Heirloom roses are the best if growing rose hips is the goal. The studies I’ve seen on line used powdered rose hips to treat arthritis. I don’t know if I’ll break out the dehydrator or just enjoy a cup of rose hip tea each day. The tea sounds nicer.
The second plant can be made into an oil to rub on aching joints. Comfrey can be grown just about anywhere, I think. I had the same success with it in north Florida that I have in northern Michigan. It grows rampantly. Take a quart jar out and fill it up with leaves. Dig up some of the root, too. Chop the leaves and the root (after washing, of course) and return it to the jar. Fill the jar with cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil. Set in a dark place, like a cupboard, for one to three months. Strain and rebottle in some nice or official-looking dark glass bottle. Sunlight degrades the potency. If you discover that you have more than enough for your own use, bottle the excess to give as gifts to friends with aching joints.