A Hearty Breakfast Fixed the Night Before

Being a fan of meals that can be prepared ahead of time, this recipe caught my eye while reading a food blog. I’m providing the link to the blog with this caveat, intend to spend a lot of time there. Not only are the recipes delightful, the pictures of the food are stunning. Be prepared to be hungry after visiting the Alimental Blog. The recipe is entitled “Overnight Oats”.
I tweaked her recipe and didn’t measure anything. I dumped some oatmeal in a bowl, added vanilla yogurt and a little milk (from a local dairy). Cinnamon was sprinkled on the top and everything was mixed well. I put a sandwich plate on top of the bowl and placed it in the fridge. The next morning, sunflower seeds and dates were stirred in. This tasty dish of oats really hits the spot when morning chores are through. This breakfast would be even richer with yogurt made from whole milk (no low fat stuff for this kid).