How to Build a Simple Low Tunnel

Extending the growing season on both ends, spring and fall, means a lot more fresh eating and a lot less canning/freezing of produce. With the addition of a bed cover inside the hoop, salad greens can be harvested throughout the winter even in Northern Michigan. This low tunnel was added in late March to warm the soil for early peppers. It was very easy for a short, 62 year-old woman with a bad back to … Continue reading

Choosing & Preparing Nutrient Dense Vegetables & Fruits

Sorry to depart from Alternatives to GM Food Monday, but this couldn’t wait. Before listening to “Science Friday” on November 29th, I didn’t realize how much food has been altered, even before the advent of genetic modification.(See the Resources section at the end of this post for the link to the interview). The alterations occurred over many years and the unfortunate outcome is food that is depleted of some incredible nutrients. However, the thrust of … Continue reading