How to Connect a Computer to a TV & Eliminate Cable TV

If you are tired of paying the high price for TV reception but aren’t willing to give up this type of entertainment, there is an alternative. There is plenty to watch for free on the Internet. It is difficult for a family to gather around a computer monitor or laptop screen to watch a movie . The solution to this problem is to transfer the audio and video on the computer to your larger television screen. This is easy to do with the right cables. High-speed Internet service is required for this to work.
This was one of the best, frugal things we did in 2010. It allowed us to cancel the television portion of our cable bill, and the Internet has a much wider selection of the programs and movies we like to watch. Before we made the switch, my daughter and I had been trying to watch movies together on a laptop screen…not ideal. Now we invite friends over to watch old movies and overindulge in snack foods.                      

The following link provides comprehensive “how-tos” for hooking these components together. It even includes instructions for older model televisions.

When we hooked our Compaq laptop to our Sharp HD TV we needed a male to male VGA cable and a male to male audio cable. There is a VGA cable that comes wrapped with the audio cable, but it wouldn’t work because the audio port is on the front of our laptop. The wrapped version works well when the audio port is on the same side of the laptop as the VGA port.

Here are our favorite links to sites that have a lot of movies, television programs and serials from which to choose. Some of the old television programs still have the original commercials. It is amusing to see what passed for a “big screen” TV in 1953.                           
Classic Cinema Online
Lots to love if you are a fan of old serials like “Captain America”, “The Adventures of Rex and Rinty”, “Radar Men From the Moon” and much more. 
Feature Films
Many old films and even some more current ones.
A good place to find old TV programs like “Suspense”, “Tales of Tomorrow”.

This has a lot of current programing. We use it to watch “Alfred Hitchcock”, “Twilight Zone” and “One Step Beyond” and “Father Knows Best”.