Fodder Solutions Global Premiere Video

There is much helpful information in this video of an international Fodder Solutions conference. This is my third season sprouting grain for my sheep, rabbits, dairy goats and poultry and there is always something to learn. I’ve always sprouted livestock grain and have encountered problems with inconsistent germination, trash in the grain and mold. Through tweaking soaking and watering methods I’ve managed to overcome these obstacles yet wondered if I was getting peak production. Watching … Continue reading

Cajeta (Mexican Caramel) – To Stir or Not to Stir…

Perhaps, this dilemma is not imbued with the despondent urgency as Hamlet’s original question. Still, for those of us who love the rich flavor of cajeta but find it hard to devote so much time to making it, the question opens up some possibilities. What happens if we refuse to stir? First Try – Lots of Stirring My first attempt at making cajeta involved a lot of stirring while reducing a gallon of milk over medium low heat. That … Continue reading