Winter Has Dealt a Few Blows

Winter has been magnificently beautiful and simultaneously cruel this year and kept me too busy to read the blogs I enjoy or to share things I find interesting. Chores take a lot longer when it is so cold that they can’t be completed at one go. The situation has been further complicated by drifting snow in my path to the sheep. So, between taking a break to warm up from the cold or rest up … Continue reading

Free Animal Bedding

We try to economize in every area, no matter how incidental. There are times when we go through a lot of bedding, especially when raising chicks. We get bags of shredded paper free from our local hospital. I’m sure there are other institutions that shred paper and would love to have someone pick it up. Those bags take up a lot of room in the dumpster. The hospital personnel would rather see the paper put … Continue reading