Free Animal Bedding

We try to economize in every area, no matter how incidental. There are times when we go through a lot of bedding, especially when raising chicks. We get bags of shredded paper free from our local hospital. I’m sure there are other institutions that shred paper and would love to have someone pick it up. Those bags take up a lot of room in the dumpster. The hospital personnel would rather see the paper put … Continue reading

Hoops to House Chickens or Salad Greens

We use these arched structures for different purposes. They are relatively easy for two people to build. My husband could put them together by himself. One year we used a long one to keep salad greens and thyme alive from November until February. The leaf lettuce stopped actively growing in November and resumed growing at the end of February. The months in between the greens were still alive and able to be harvested. Kind of like extended … Continue reading